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Watch Contact Service

No one will hide in Whatsapp!

We will check your contact on Whatsapp and send you an exact list of times at which moment he/she became online. Since Whatsapp online status is public to everyone, we can do it on behalf of you.


No need to download any applications to your phone or computer. Just enter the contact phone number and hit go.


We will not send any messages or voice calls to neither you nor your contact. No interaction. No apps. Only this dashboard here. You are totally safe.


Believe it or not, we are looking at our phones exactly with our bare eyes to help you. So you will not miss a single online time of your contact.


The list you will get will be in this format.

online @1.10 am.

online @1.11 am.

online @1.12 am.

online @4.45 am.

online @4.46 am.

online @4.47 am.


Yes, we made it!. We are looking at our Whatsapp screen and noting the online times of your contact on behalf of you.

Get a report that shows when your contact is online/offline.

Learn if he/she became online while you are busy.

Get notified when a user becomes online.

We will notify you at the moment your contact becomes online.

Learn if two contacts are talking to each other on Whatsapp.

Learn if there is a relation between two of your contacts (Estimation).

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