Is Whatsapp making us being online all the time?

Whatsapp is the latest and maybe the greatest tool for daily life communication. We all have Whatsapp in our phones and this is makes us online all the time. People are always vulnerable to all incoming messages. Are we going crazy or is the perfect future?

In 18th century life was so slow. Communication was very limited to local people. Newspapers are book were hard to reach. A genius novel called Crime and Punishment is becoming slower to readers every year. Movies like Avengers are the new trend which can be consumed too fast without any effort. People are accustomed to fast and easy stuff. Becoming online on tools like Whatsapp is the interface for a fast and easy life.

Whatsapp and similar technologies are the trend setters in our new lives and we are offering you a total solution which is covering serious statistics about your contacts' Whatsapp usage. We are checking the Whatsapp online times of your contacts and presenting you a report consisting of these information.


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