What is Whatsapp online status and how can it be used?

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Online status of Whatsapp is the indicator that your contact is currently online or offline. Unlike last seen capability, online status cannot be turned off by users. It is always on! Also, even if you are not listed on a person's contact list, you can still see if that person is online or not.

There are two critical facts about Whatsapp online status.

1. It is always on. You can not disable it.

2. You don't need to be listed on your contact's phone book.

These two features make Whatsapp to track your contact whenever you want to know if he/she is online or offline.

You can do this and watch your contact on Whatsapp or you can do it by some third party products.

There are hundreds of app trough internet like Chatwatch, Chatvisualizer or WatchContact.

Here we listed three well known ones. All of them have their pros and cons.


ChatWatch Pros

1. You can track your contacts for 2$ a week.

2. It gives statistical data if two persons are talking to each other or not by looking for a correlation between the online times of the two contacts.

ChatWatch Cons

1. You need to download an app to your phone. But you need to JailBreak your phone first to do that which means your phone will work on a different operating system. You will not use a proper IOS or Android anymore.


Chatvisualizer Prons

1. Have very nice interface with lots of informative data about your Whatsapp usage. It also gives you the timeline of your chats with different contacts. In addition you can learn which contacts you are spending your time mostly by analyzing you and your contacts's Whatsapp usage.

Chatvisualizer Cons

1. It does not give online information.


WatchContact Pros

1. You don't need to download anything to your computer, to your phone or to your contact's phone. Most people are caught because they download some apps to some places. They are caught before they catch someone. It is a huge advantage for WatchContact.

2. You just give the phone number of your contact to the website. It submits you the information when the duration you asked is finished. No interaction between.

3. It also gives you a statistical data to estimate if two contacts of yours are talking to each other by looking for a correlation between the online times of the two contacts.

WatchContact Cons

1. You rely on a website and there is no app. (Maybe it is part of pros according to choices.)

It is up to you to choose from these ones. If you are a computer expert and have spent some time on computer programming or similar things you can pick ChatWatch.

But if you are not good at advanced usage of computer or phone like jail-breaking, you can choose WatchContact which is a compact solution.


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